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I’m a Fine arts student having a background in architectural photography. My ongoing photography career (of about 7 years) has put me face to face with indigenous designs by visionary architects. This exposure has fuelled my curiosity of exploring design and taking steps towards crafting works, not just documenting them through images.

Whether being engaged in creation of an art piece or photography, there’s an underlying common thread that binds my interest of exploring the basic elements of designing/creating anything - form, shape, colour, balance, space and above all, how a human perceives it. 


Through my art pieces, I investigate the consequence of stripping away meaning from an artwork. My guiding principle for making these pieces is to use the basic elements of creation. When such a piece comes into existence, a significant part of my exploration is to observe how it curates an experience for a human body around it. Some of my artworks also draw inspiration from the nature of conceptual art, harnessing its power to articulate complex ideas through seemingly simple vocabulary. 


In parallel, my architectural photography and films focus on documenting the design of a structure, trying to extract the symbolic meaning of the space. Through my lens, I attempt to best articulate the feeling of physically standing in a space. This process involves reading the space in the language of circulation, depth and volumes; and comprehend how it wants to reveal itself. This knowledge, coupled with the aesthetic and balanced sense of composition, forms the cornerstone of my visual imagery. 


All these elements converge in a unified journey, a pursuit towards gaining absolute clarity of deciphering what drives my profound interest in the worlds of art, architecture and photography.





- 'India's 50  Dynamic Architectural Photographers'                             by The Architect's Diary


-  World Architecture Magazine. 


-  Smart Photography Magazine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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