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Coloured paper.
6 setups of 40 x 27 cms each.

Take 6 different coloured papers and cut thin strips.

Draw a grid of 6 x 6 on three sheets of white paper. At every intersection point, cut a small slit wide enough to insert the coloured stripes.

Arrange the three white sheets as shown in the images.


Lets go!


Roll a die 6 times.

  1. The first roll decides the colour to be chosen.

  2. The second roll decides which sheet (left or right) to be chosen. 1,2,3 = left; 4,5,6 = right.

  3. Third roll decides the column of the grid for one end of the coloured strip to be inserted.

  4. The fourth roll decides which row of the grid the same end will go. Insert one end of the strip in that slit.

  5. Fifth roll decides the column to be chosen for the other end.

  6. Sixth roll decides the row for the same end.


Insert the the other end in the chosen slit on the bottom white sheet.

Repeat this 6 times to create one set.

Make 6 such sets.

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