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Onil Shah

Architectural & spaces photographer, based in Pune.

There is a significant difference between documenting a space and selling a space. My work focus on documenting the space.


Architects and designers create spaces with particular ideologies and resonating them through photographs is what I am committed to doing since 2015. A space has many different characteristics, depth, scale, color, sciography, time, the play of light and shadow, textures, etc. Understanding and inculcating them in the images is what lays the foundation of my approach towards photography. 

When I am commissioned to shoot a structure, I treat it as if the structure will be demolished right after the photoshoot and this is my only chance to document it for future generations.


Selected Clients

Girish Doshi - Navakar Architects.

Shabbir Unwala - Design Workshop.

Anil Ranka - ARA.

Arjun Doshi - Studio Acrobat.

Baheti & Associates.

Majestique Landmarks.

Featured work


cover of World Architecture Magzine.



Smart Photography Magzine.

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